Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution for NetSuite

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If you’re using Netsuite to run your ecommerce operation, you’re probably extremely focused on the customer experience. But if you’re shipping with multiple carriers using Netsuite, you may have concerns about the level of control you have over your logistics. 

MachShip’s multi-carrier Netsuite integration allows you to seamlessly streamline shipping, dispatch and customer service into one simple function. 

MachShip and Netsuite: how it works

MachShip’s Netsuite integration allows you to automatically pass Netsuite sales or purchase orders and fulfilments straight into MachShip as consignments.

Once they’re in MachShip, you can easily select the best shipping option based on real-time price comparisons, print shipping labels and track your shipment across every point of the delivery journey. You can also reconcile invoices and view detailed reports to oversee your freight management operations.

It’s all done via our API, which enables a seamless syncing of data without the need for any clunky downloads or add-ons. It’s the way you already work, enhanced. 

Benefits of MachShip’s Netsuite shipping integration

  1. Customisable to your needs: we can adjust any integration to suit your requirements, rather than you having to compromise just to get freight out the door. 
  2. Rapid deployment and setup: we can deploy our integrations in just a few days – not weeks or months, as has become common in our industry. 
  3. Fast, accurate and robust: MachShip is faster and more accurate than other solutions, as it’s been battle-hardened over years working across some of Australia’s busiest shippers. 
  4. Lower setup and maintenance costs: The integration has already been created, so you don’t have to pay us to build it – just for the benefits you’ll start receiving. 
  5. Secure and reliable: Our system has security baked in from day one, so it’s secure and reliable for handling customer data. 

Connecting multiple carriers with Netsuite

MachShip builds integrations with carriers so you don’t have to.

MachShip partners with transport providers to develop and maintain industry leading levels of integration which play seamlessly with their systems. Bring your own carrier accounts and rate cards to the MachShip platform, and benefit from being able to transact with all your carriers using a simple one-way same-way solution.

See our list of carrier partners here. 

Connecting Netsuite and MachShip unlocks a world of functionality

Easy consignment creation

Automatically create new consignments when a sale or fulfilment is created – either as a draft consignment or manifested job.

Netsuite-friendly data management

Pass across Netsuite customer reference numbers like OR or PO numbers into the final consignment reference fields.

Warehouse synchronization

Map your Netsuite warehouse locations to your MachShip warehouse locations for managing pickip without re-entering data.

Easy carrier selection

Auto-select MachShip Carrier & Service by using custom fields on an order in Netsuite.

Keep your carrier info

Pass across stored carrier account numbers and freight carrier IDs.

Realtime visibility over freight

Freight status is automatically updated in Netsuite when an item is delivered in MachShip.

Seamless progress on jobs

Input boxes into Netsuite and have them auto-feed into the consignment.

How Sleep Corp integrated MachShip with Netsuite for seamless shipping

Bedding product manufacturer SleepCorp chose MachShip as their Netsuite shipping integration solution. 

MachShip slashed the amount of time Sleep Corp was spending on admin and paperwork and opened up new opportunities for business growth.

Best of all, integration was complete in under two months, start to finish. 

Read more about Sleep Corp and MachShip

Ship seamlessly with MachShip’s Netsuite integration

If you’re serious about the customer experience, you need to take just as much care with your back-end logistics function as you do with your website’s user experience. 

Get in touch with us to book a demo and find out more about MachShip’s multi-carrier netsuite shipping integration. We guarantee a successful integration! 

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