Get the Answers to All Your MachShip Questions


What is MachShip?

MachShip is a cloud-based platform that streamlines your entire freight task into one system. Rapidly generate quotes, create consignments and enjoy superior tracking and reporting functionality. MachShip gives you complete control, efficiency and visibility over the management of your freight. MachShip is the simplest, yet most complete freight management system (FMS) on the market.

Is MachShip a freight broker?

No. MachShip is fully independent and does not sell transport – it’s what makes us different from any other product on the market. No on-selling, no broker fees, no aggregation. You bring and use your own rates that you have negotiated with your carriers.

What features does MachShip offer?

MachShip offers a comprehensive range of features including complete freight management, seamless integration of existing technology systems, dangerous goods compliance capabilities.

How much does MachShip cost?

We know every business is different, so choose from four different price packages to suit your freight needs.

Can I try MachShip before I buy?

Yes. You can experience MachShip for yourself at no cost by contacting our sales team.

Will I receive training and support?

Yes. Using MachShip is easy, however, our on-boarding specialists are on hand to provide comprehensive training upon sign up. Receive ongoing support by in-app chat and email via our help desk. If you qualify for our highest level plan, you’ll have a dedicated account manager.

What carriers are in MachShip’s network?

MachShip has an extensive carrier network that continues to grow. We work with all types of carriers including Full Truckload (FTL) Less Than Truckload (LTL), Parcel, White Glove and Contract Truckload providers.

Do you have broker rates for your customers or do they bring their own?

MachShip is not a freight broker, and we do not aggregate or on-sell. You bring your own negotiated rates.

Will MachShip integrate with my existing IT system?

Yes. The MachShip API provides a simple way to integrate our shipping services with your existing systems.You can call the API from your online shopping cart, customer relationship management system, ERP or order management system. You can also integrate with accounting platforms.

Who will install plug-ins or extensions or facilitate specific integration?

MachShip has a team of dedicated systems integrators, we call them Solutions Architects, to scope and facilitate required systems integrations. Please note charges apply. Development time is subject to availability.MachShip also provides easy-to-follow guides for end-to-end or specific endpoint implementation of our API. The documentation will assist your IT or development team in facilitating a specific integration if you wish to use your own resources.

Does MachShip continue to improve its system?

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of economic, social and industry trends to ensure MachShip remains a leader in the logistics industry.Our team of specialists are continually working to improve the MachShip system to ensure it remains the most simple and comprehensive product on the market.

Is it simple to set up my customer and carrier accounts on Machship?

The MachShip platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Our training suite and account management team will provide a thorough introduction to the system.