Delivery Management

Illustration of a delivery management system. Features a laptop displaying a map and tracking points, a delivery box on a dolly, a delivery truck, a calendar, a large cursor, and a "TRACK" button. Elements are styled in orange, blue, and yellow.

MachShip allows you to access a consolidated view of your transport providers and tracking statuses — from warehouse pick-up to final delivery.

This up-to-the-minute information allows businesses to meet the high expectations of their customers around order tracking and deliver a buying experience that keeps shoppers coming back.

Icons depicting stages of shipping: warehouse with stacked boxes, forklift moving a box, delivery truck, hand truck with a box, and a smiley face with stars around the neck, linked by a dotted line indicating integrations in a sequential process.

What is delivery management software?

Wishing you could avoid spending hours managing bookings, viewing delivery tracking statuses, and seeking delivery confirmations? The MachShip delivery management software allows you to streamline your delivery process from start to finish. It equips you with the capability to provide an amazing customer experience while saving your business time and money.

With access to a simple and clean dashboard, you’re able to give your customer service team everything they need to deliver timely communications about order statuses. You can also see proof of delivery confirmations in real time and store that information against the customer’s order.

Illustration of a network with connected circles. A central circle with an icon of a person is linked to two other circles: one with a delivery truck icon and another with a package icon, symbolizing software-driven delivery management processes.
Illustration of a tablet showing a map with a location pin. Surrounding the tablet are a dashed circle, a cloud, and an arrow pointer, suggesting navigation and cloud connectivity. The predominant colors are blue and orange, highlighting features of delivery management software.
How does delivery tracking
software work?

With a cloud-based delivery management system, such as MachShip, you have a centralised system of communication. The software pulls data from your transport carriers to allow visibility over key milestones in the dispatch process and final mile of delivery.

Benefits of the MachShip delivery management system

With vehicle-tracking and up-to-the-minute insights on your deliveries, you can easily manage freight all the way to its final destination. Our consolidated ‘Active Consignment’ dashboard displays all tracking statuses for both live and completed consignments


Provide customers with real-time email and SMS notifications to reduce delivery uncertainty and keep customers updated at every stage of their order’s journey. Provide your customers with a branded tracking page, regardless of carrier, provided via email or SMS to ensure a consistent customer experience, decoupled from the carriers.

Deliver more efficiently with the ability to access data in a clear dashboard, make better decisions and hold transport carriers to account for performance.

You can explore more benefits of the MachShip freight management system here.

Use cases

The logo features a stylized letter "A" composed of three triangles (grey at the top, black on the left, and dark grey on the right). Below the "A" is a small yellow triangle. To the right are the words "ADVENTURE OPERATIONS" in bold capital letters.

Adventure Operations

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Multiple delivery options


Real-time rates

How long is it currently taking you to create consignments
across your carrier mix?

Compare rates from your carriers and instantly uncover the best
options for your last-mile delivery. Save wasted time working
between multiple carrier portals and make your life simple with a
consolidated view of all rate cards in one place.


Carrier selection

What is the cost to your business (and your customers) of not
selecting the best transport provider?

Choosing the right carrier can be a decision that requires time,
consideration, and clear data to review. The MachShip quoting and
booking functionality ensures you can make the right selection,
and fast.

MachShip’s delivery
tracking features


Planning, managing, and optimising delivery data becomes easier with the ability to view analytics within the MachShip consignment management software. With a comprehensive view of all data in one place, it’s much easier to make informed decisions and stay on top of delivery efficiency.

Discover issues before you hear about them from your customers — by viewing all outstanding consignments in one place. You can filter consignments by either the timeframe (e.g. 2 days overdue) or by the carrier.

How do businesses manage delivery with MachShip?

A blue cube with a small square on one face, accompanied by orange streaks on the left, giving the impression of motion and speed—like efficient delivery management software in action.


Say goodbye to complex and non-scalable integrations. With MachShip you can
automatically update the order status in
your business platforms, to make ordering
a breeze for your team and customers.

Icon of a smartphone depicted in orange with a blue text message bubble containing two white dots, suggesting an ongoing or incoming conversation or communication. The phone's screen is black, indicating it’s inactive or off—ideal for showcasing delivery management software notifications.


Customer expectations around tracking
are very high. Communicate tracking
statuses and every stage with automated
email and SMS notifications.

An icon showing a yellow delivery truck with a box on its back, located beneath a large map pin. Above the truck, there's a blue airplane icon with a smaller map pin. The image represents different modes of transportation for delivery and shipping, ideal for showcasing Delivery Management Software.

Delivery confirmation

How long does it take to get POD’s from
your carriers? Provide certainty about the
delivery of your goods, for your team and
your customers, with MachShip.

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