Everything you need to efficiently manage your freight operations.

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Rate Management & Quoting
Always select the best option with real-time price comparisons across all your carriers and services.
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Consign & Manifest
One-way-same-way despatch process regardless of selected carrier.
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Real-time tracking across every point of the shipment delivery journey.

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Reconcile Invoices

Automated flows for identifying carrier overcharges and lodging carrier credit requests.

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Dashboards and detailed reports to oversee your freight management operations.

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Rate Management & Quoting

Optimize carrier selection with advanced routing and real-time pricing.
  • Always see the best value carrier service
  • BYO rates and carrier accounts
  • Direct comparisons across your entire carrier mix
  • Automated carrier selection based on your business rules
  • Reporting to audit carrier selection
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consign manifest illustration

Consign & Manifest

Move on from carrier specific portals and manage freight direct from within your own centrally controlled system.
  • One-way-same-way consignment, manifesting and scheduling pick-ups across all your carriers
  • Support for consigning dangerous goods
  • Setup receiver pays accounts
  • Manage surcharges and delivery options for specific carriers
  • Print carrier compliant manifests and labels
  • Automated manifesting and consignment consolidation


Gain visibility of exactly where your freight is at any point in time.
  • All tracking info consolidated in one system available to both your internal staff and customers
  • Provide superior customer experience with live tracking updates across email, SMS and web
  • Full tracking info available to all internal teams; not just the warehouse
  • MachShip calculated ETAs based on carrier performance
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Reconcile Invoices

Automated flows for identifying carrier overcharges and lodging carrier credit requests.
  • Save money by identifying overcharges
  • Save time by automating time consuming manual processes
  • Defined workflow for lodging carrier credit requests
  • Link invoices to jobs and allocate to cost centers


See what’s important to you, in real-time, in one place.
  • Dashboard reporting for tracking live consignments
  • DIFOT reporting for monitoring carrier performance
  • Financial modelling changing rates and/or carriers
  • Report on carrier selection where cheaper alternatives were available
  • Visual reports exportable for detailed data analysis
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