What Is MachShip?

MachShip is cloud-based freight management software that centrally manages your entire freight task, across all your carriers.

An independent technology platform that automates key freight processes and gives you full visibility over your freight operations and carrier performance.

We are not a freight broker; instead we set up your MachShip account to transact directly with your existing carrier partners using your negotiated rates.

Consolidate freight despatch

Effortlessly streamline freight despatch and tracking management into a single platform. Saving you hours in admin and customer service time and removing clunky, manual processes.

freight management system screenshot
invoice management platform screenshot

Automate freight auditing

Reduce invoice discrepancies and save money with our powerful reconciliation engine. Get alerts when your invoices don’t match up, and easily raise queries with your transport carriers.

Gain full visibility

Save time by having all your transport carriers and rates accessible in one place and gain visibility and control over your freight as it makes its journey from you to your customers.

MachShip platform dashboard screenshot
screenshot of delivery estimate email

See exactly where your shipments are

Automated flows for identifying carrier overcharges and lodging carrier credit requests.

  • Save money by identifying overcharges
  • Save time by automating time consuming manual processes
  • Defined workflow for lodging carrier credit requests
  • Link invoices to jobs and allocate to cost centers

Integrate seamlessly

Use our API or other integration capabilities to seamlessly connect with existing enterprise resource planning systems, warehouse management systems and e-commerce and accounting platforms.
consignment list screenshot
consignment list screenshot machship

Strengthen your partnerships

Easily upload your own negotiated carrier rates and immediately ship with certainty with our huge range of carriers. Manage surcharges and delivery options for specific carriers.

Log in at any time, from anywhere in the world.

MachShip is a cloud-based platform that allows you to log in to your account from anywhere in the world, day or night, and manage your freight activity.

Why do you need MachShip?

Wholesalers and enterprise shippers used to have to look after their whole freight process manually.

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