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Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution for NetSuite

If you’re using Netsuite to run your ecommerce operation, you’re probably extremely focused on the customer experience. But if you’re shipping with multiple carriers using Netsuite, you may have concerns about the level of control you have over your logistics.

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Sleep Corp

“The pleasant surprise to me was how simple it is to look at any new carriers, or any changes that we want to make to our carrier systems”

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Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions

The days of single-carrier shipping are behind us, and many wholesalers and retailers are now using a suite of carriers to optimise their shipping functions and give their customers the best experience possible.

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4PL vs 3PL Freight Logistics Explained

Trying to pick between 3PL vs. 4PL logistics partners? Or just want some background on both to help you build your business? We’ve got you covered. The accelerated shift to online working, living and shopping has had a huge impact on businesses all over the world.

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What is Freight Management?

Australian businesses can greatly benefit from utilising robust freight management systems to make freight and logistics processes efficient and cost-effective. Utilising a Freight Management System is suitable for all business sizes regardless of how simple or complex their logistics operation may be. 

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Announcing FusedShip Acquisition

16 August 2021 – We are pleased to announce the acquisition of FusedShip from Fused Software is complete. The acquisition demonstrates MachShip’s commitment to being a market leader in delivering integrated technology solutions for our customers.

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The Shutters Dept

“The carrier portal was horrible to use… It was so old and clunky it would literally take me hours every night to import the orders we received that day and manifest to the carrier.”

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