API Integration

Work smarter, not harder.
Automate workflows to make your life easier.

Integrate with MachShip to give your staff the data they need to achieve excellence in operations and customer service. Develop integrations to seamlessly sync data between MachShip and the other systems involved in your core workflows.
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Go direct from order to consignment
Automate the order consignment process by converting an order originated in your shopping cart or ERP into a consignment in MachShip and eliminate the need for double keying and associated costly user errors.
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Manage freight directly from within your system of choice

Access endpoints that enable quoting, booking, despatch, tracking, and reconciliation to automate the flow of data so that all systems are up-to-date and staff can work entirely within their system of choice.

File based integration options
File based integration allows data to flow from your exisiting systems into MachShip via a basic data export and import solution.
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File transfers can be facilitated via FTP/SFTP, folder polling or folder pushing and works with well-structured XML or delimited files.

MachShip provides a generic file format that works out of the box.

MachShip can customize a file import solution to meet your bespoke requirements.
Simple setup & support
Get started using the MachShip API documentation.
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Account Admins can create and manage API access tokens and utilise the MachShip sandbox environment to test all integrations.
In-depth API documentation is available at the MachShip Swagger repository.