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“I try to act like a customer and understand their experience working with us and how we can make that easier for them.”
Brett Henry
Managing Director

Customer Spotlight


Discover How WHG Improved Customer Experience With MachShip

Learn how WHG seized the opportunity to improve customer experience through improving its freight management operations.

Wholesale Horticultural Group (WHG) is Australia’s premier hydroponic wholesaler, supplying equipment and products to garden centres and market gardens.

Brett Henry, Managing Director at WHG, shared how successfully streamlining freight operations has improved customer experience and enabled customer facing teams to provide a higher level of customer service.

Customer experience as a differentiator.

When Brett stepped into his role, he saw that operations and customer experience were inextricably linked. Warehouse operations were a black box to the rest of the business and customer facing teams simply didn’t have access to the information they needed to autonomously resolve customer enquiries concerning quoting and tracking freight movements.

“We were looking for more service for the customers. What we call the WHG Olympics is where the customer rings customer service or one of the sales reps and they ring the warehouse about the order and the constant back-and-forth in communication trying to give information about where the order is up to. MachShip has helped us reduce that.”One platform, one solution,
one business.

MachShip helped WHG overcome this challenge by providing a centralised platform for consigning and tracking all freight regardless of carrier, service or location. Suddenly, sales teams could quote using the same solution as the warehouse and customer service teams could tell a customer where their order was using real-time tracking information received direct from the carrier.

Consolidated tracking available direct to the customer.

In addition to a more effective customer support team, WHG also saw a marked reduction in calls to customer support due to the MachShip live-tracking page sent to customers via email and/or SMS.

“Our customers are realising that all the relevant data has been provided to them and they can just follow the tracking in the email. That part has been a godsend.”

Making the change

The MachShip customer success team will work with you to setup your account and train you to be self-sufficient in all core workflows and account admin. Brett’s experience moving his business onto MachShip was very straight forward.

“Humans resist change and my guys did too initially… but it’s become a tool for them to use. Once the Warehouse Manager provided the required information and the account setup by MachShip, you start saving time. Now that it is done the Warehouse Manager, the Customer Service Manager and the Sales Reps are happy and most importantly, the customers are happy.”