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“I get excited about software that works and is beneficial.”
Tom Purvis
Head of Warehouse Operations

Customer Spotlight

SAAS Automotive

Discover How SAAS Automotive Reduced Operating Costs With MachShip

Learn how SAAS Automotive reduced operating costs and increased quality of production from their distribution centre by consolidating freight management operations within MachShip.

SAAS Automotive are a wholesale and eCommerce supplier of after-market car accessories, proudly proving high quality products to car enthusiasts since 1954.

Tom Purvis has managed SASS’s warehouse operations for the last four years and shared how consolidating freight management into MachShip has reduced operating costs and improved service levels.

Best priced service, everytime.

Given carrier services, rates and surcharges constantly change, Tom feels strongly that the only way to know the best price for a given freight movement for sure is to compare all possible rates before booking the freight; a manually intensive process too time consuming to be feasible given the need to log into each carrier portal individually.

In MachShip, Tom found a technology solution that solves this exact problem. The MachShip route optimisation engine determines the carrier services that meet the requirements of the freight movement and prices each service, factoring in all costs such as fuel surcharges and GST. With the best value services at the top of the results list, Tom can be confident that his team are selecting the right service for the job every time.

“Unless a business has a system that consolidates all their pricing and returns live pricing you cannot say you’re working in a way that is more efficient.”

Keep carriers honest with automated invoice reconciliation.

Pre MachShip, Tom just couldn’t justify spending multiple days every month to manually reconcile carrier invoices, instead having to wear carrier overcharges that inevitably happened. That all changed when he started using MachShip’s automated carrier invoice reconciliation. In Tom’s assessment, a task that used to take days can now be completed in under 15 minutes and the pay pack has been immediate.

“Case in point, one of our carriers uses automated conveyor belt scanning and regularly scans a particularly thin carton we ship while it’s sitting on top of another carton hence overstating the dimensions often resulting in a $50 overcharge. I only need four of those to go out a week and that’s $200 multiplied by 52 weeks, $10,000 of savings per annum.”

Making the change

The MachShip customer success team will work with you to setup your account and train you to be self-sufficient in all core workflows and account admin. Tom found the experience of moving to MachShip very straight forward.

“Seamless. There is always some initial pushback from the team because it is new technology however that was overcome really, really quickly.”