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“MachShip has given us visibility of the best rates available which we utilise when selecting carriers”. 
Felix Jeschke
Project Manager Logistics

Customer Spotlight

Rohlig Contract Logistics

Discover How Rohlig Improved Their Decision-Making With MachShip

Learn how Rohlig Contract Logistics utilised freight management technology to improve decision making on selecting transport providers and enhance customer value proposition. 

With a long-held presence in the international freight-forwarding space Rohlig specialises in helping businesses optimise their supply chain and logistics solutions through the provision of international airfreight, sea freight and contract logistics services.   

Felix Jeschke, has managed the delivery of projects key to establishing Rohlig Contract Logistics within the Australian market. Felix took the time to share with us the importance of visibility over transport selection and order tracking, not only internally but also for the end of customer. 

Visibility of transport partners key to good decision making

Customers trust Rohlig to manage the end-to-end order fulfilment process; from receiving the order to pick-pack through to managing delivery via transport partners. With so many moving parts its important systems are in place to enforce standards and monitor outputs. 

An important part of the value proposition for Rohlig’s customers is leveraging their relationships with carriers and expertise in selecting the best value services for their region and requirements. As Rohlig grows across geography and service offering the opportunity presents to achieve better rates by consolidating services down to a core set of carriers. 

“Transport carrier selection was a black box; orders came in and freight was shipped out but in between we lacked visibility over what decisions were being made and why. What we needed was certainty around our best rates.”.

Visibility and control key to customer value proposition 

The number one question any 3PL wants to be able to answer for their customer is “where’s my order?”. Unfortunately, when using multiple carriers finding the answer to that question can be a time-consuming exercise involving multiple carrier tracking systems. 

The power that comes from having all consignments in a centralised system is realised on the warehouse floor when searching for a consignment and on the customer’s side when accessing their own account containing full order history and tracking.  

“We were missing a centralised system for customers to track their shipment. What we needed was one platform that combined consignments across all carriers and gave visibility to our customers”.

Finding the right solution

Armed with a clear understanding of requirements Felix lead a rigorous selection process to find the best-fit solution for Rohlig Contract Logistics. In addition to having all the functionality required for a 3PL business, Rohlig also valued MachShip being a wholly Australian owned technology company that was fully independent of competitors and foreign interest. 

Out-of-the-box, MachShip provided the desired level of automation and auditability of carrier selection while also giving visibility over order tracking to all stakeholders in the freight journey.  

With reporting to highlight carrier selection, carrier spend, and carrier performance Rohlig gained the business intelligence required to make informed decisions about consolidation of their carrier mix to provide their customers with great services at competitive rates. 

“MachShip has given us visibility of the best rates available which we utilise when selecting carriers and when advising our customers on the best options for their region and requirements.”

Making the change 

In MachShip, Rohlig found freight management software that was easy to get started with and met the requirements of a modern 3PL business. Importantly, the MachShip customer success team managed the account setup and was on-hand to ensure a smooth implementation. 

“The implementation was very straight forward. MachShip helped us to set up our carrier accounts and made sure we were ready to dispatch consignments at go-live. The support team has been helpful ever since, resolving any questions that come up along the way.”