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Dear Inventory Shipping Integration With MachShip

MachShip seamlessly connects with your Dear Inventory store, automating manual processes, simplifying your entire shipping function and providing a better experience for your customers.
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Go direct from order to consignment

Automate the order consignment process by converting an order originated in your shopping cart into a consignment in MachShip. MachShip will optimise the carrier selection and automatically print shipping labels and documentation.

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Manage freight directly from within your system of choice

Access endpoints that enable quoting, booking, despatch, tracking, and reconciliation to automate the flow of data so that all systems are up-to-date and staff can work entirely within their system of choice.

Common Data Sent From Dear Inventory

  • Sending Location Name
  • Receiving Location Name
  • Receiving Address
  • Order Number
  • Carrier & Service
  • Items, Qtys, SKUs
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Common Data Passed Back Into Dear Inventory

Almost any data that you can see in MachShip once a consignment is manifested can be passed back.

This includes:

  • Tracking Numbers
  • Tracking Link
  • Carrier & Service
  • Shipping Costs
  • ETAs
  • Despatch Date
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Integrate with MachShip to help you scale faster

MachShip integrates with Dear Inventory quickly and simply – and our integrations team is on hand to make it a smooth transition. Once you’re connected, you can instantly connect your existing carrier mix and start shipping more efficiently.

Turn freight into your competitive advantage. Chat with our integrations team today.

Shipping Made Easy

Reduce costs

MachShip allows you to optimise your carrier selection, providing audit reports to help you identify the best-value services, manage discrepancies on your carrier invoices, and understand the financial implications of carrier uprating or changing your carrier mix.

Improve your customer experience

MachShip delivers live tracking updates to you via a consolidated Active Consignment dashboard, and to your customers via email, or SMS - regardless of the carrier or service type used.

Assist customer service

Customer-facing teams can are empowered to resolve customer enquiries on the spot with complete access to quoting & tracking data inside MachShip.

Connect your store with over 200 carriers in Australia

All our customers bring their own carrier accounts and rates, MachShip does not aggregate or provide rates. MachShip is integrated with over 200 Australian carriers, and growing, so we’re confident we have your carrier mix covered, and provide you with the ability to connect with new carriers at scale.

Compare rates, book jobs, print labels, track jobs and reconcile carrier invoices across your entire carrier mix, and seamlessly integrate with Dear Inventory
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Features for Ecommerce

Rate Management & Quoting

Always select the best option with real-time price comparisons across all your carriers and services.

Consign & Manifest

One-way-same-way despatch process regardless of selected carrier.


Real-time tracking across every point of the shipment delivery journey.

Reconcile Invoices

Automated flows for identifying carrier overcharges and lodging carrier credit requests.


Dashboards and detailed reports to oversee your freight management operations.

Benefits of MachShip

Live tracking updates delivered to the customer via email, SMS and web with consistency regardless of underlying carrier.
Customer facing teams able to resolve customer enquiries on the spot with complete access to quoting & tracking data.
Reduce the number of points where manual error can be introduced in production by consolidating and automating processes.
Automated identification of discrepancies in invoices and supported workflows for reclaiming credit from carriers.
Maintain healthy independence from transport carriers by using your own system to manage freight operations. Fine tune your carrier mix by adding and removing carrier accounts.
Optimized carrier selection, audit reports to identify better value services and scenario-based cost modeling to understand financial implications of uprating and changing carriers.

To find out more about how Dear Inventory integrates with MachShip and get access to over 200 transport carriers, please get in touch.