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“We’ve saved 10+ hours per week with MachShip.”
Adam Dobinson
Sales Manager

Customer Spotlight


MachShip saves us at least 5 minutes per customer order. Over the course of a week, this saves us over 10 hours of time processing freight requests and massively reduces human error mistakes.

Adventure driving is big business in Australia. Endless stretches of scenic road – and off-road trails – to explore. Naturally, there’s a healthy demand for 4WD parts. Dobinsons sells springs and suspension for 4WDs and other vehicles. They ship products to over 50 countries globally, while most of their customers are based locally.

Prior to MachShip, their processes involved using multiple platforms with a lot of repetitive manual input required, increasingly becoming a handbrake as the business grew. 

The business has been running for nearly 70 years, with Sales Manager Adam Dobinson onboard for the last two decades. Here’s what he had to say about making the switch to MachShip.

Seamless integrations

Dobinsons’ accounting software is a crucial part of their eCommerce ecosystem. Integrating MachShip with their existing MYOB platform has greatly increased efficiency for Dobinsons’ sales team. Previously, they had to use two separate portals to quote freight.

“MYOB is our source of truth and contains all the product info such as weights, sizes and pricing,” said Adam. “Before, the sales reps would have to copy all that info and paste it into different carrier platforms  – sometimes multiple times – to get a freight quote. Obviously, that slowed people down and increased the risk of error.”

“Now, with MachShip, all of that MYOB info is integrated seamlessly. MachShip quotes the freight for us and provides several options. We can then offer the customer the most affordable. No need for salespeople to log into multiple freight carrier platforms to trawl through the options. MachShip allows us to prioritise the most cost-effective freight carriers instantly.”

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The difference with MachShip

“The process used to be: Customers call up and want parts, gets a quote, then a sales rep would need to hand over to someone else to quote the freight. Not ideal from a customer service point of view. We needed something quick and seamless.”

“MachShip makes it streamlined. Salespeople can use it to quote the freight cost and give the customer the final price, without handing over to someone else. This enables better service and happier customers.”

“Freight quoting used to take a while with room for human error with copy/pasting and so on. It’s easy with MachShip due to the MYOB integration. MachShip saves us 5 minutes per customer order or call. Over the course of a week, this saves hours of project management time.”

Onboarding process & ongoing support

“Jack, from the sales team, was our initial contact. He was very helpful. Then James, the Integration Manager, was also fantastic.”

“The onboarding process was quick and efficient. Anything we didn’t quite understand at first, or troubleshooting we needed along the way has been met with super quick response times by MachShip’s support team.”